About Sight-Reading Central

Sightreadingcentral.co.uk is the definitive website, providing relevant examples of sight-reading that any student or pupil can expect to receive in their graded drum kit or percussion examinations for all of the major boards of music – Trinity College London (TCL), The Associated Board (ABRSM) and Rock School, through to music college and auditions for professional positions, for example in a Symphony Orchestra.


marimba and sticks


Every professional musician recognises the importance of being able to read music at sight. Sight-reading is a very important skill for every musician to acquire; hence it is included in every graded instrumental examination and often in auditions too.


Successful sight-reading could prove to be the deciding factor in a number of different circumstances, be it the result of a graded examination, a place in further education or a professional job.


Sight-Reading Central has been set up with the aim to present many relevant examples of sight-reading. These are rated at different levels, providing practice material at the level the student can expect to receive for a particular examination/audition. It is thus hoped that this website will bridge the gap, equipping students, teachers and professionals alike with the opportunity to improve these essential skills.