Professional Job Audition (PJA)

The material for this section has a certain structure and preparation time as applicable for a Professional Job Audition. Adrian Spillet, the Principal Percussion at the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, suggested a format where the candidate gets an opportunity of approximately 20 minutes to prepare the sight-reading for performance at some point during the audition. I feel this has several constructive elements to it:


    • Under normal circumstances, a professional player would have a chance to prepare a particularly tricky orchestral part before playing it for the first time in context at the first rehearsal.
    • The panel can then produce a piece of sight-reading that would be relevant to the job position and repertoire played by that orchestra.
    • The panel would get a very clear view of how fast and effective an individual’s practice and preparation for an orchestral rehearsal would be. Therefore a better insight into the work ethic of every candidate.


Obviously, this also allows the sight-reading to be more demanding in musicality and technique and as such, suitable for this situation.


The driving force behind this format is to endeavour to recreate as realistic and relevant a professional orchestral situation as possible, without actually placing the orchestra in the audition room with the candidate.