College Entrance Audition (CEA)

All auditions for further education places (i.e. Music College or Conservatoire) will contain sight-reading, thus this area should not be overlooked when preparing for an audition.


Those candidates with accurate & fluent sight-reading will be looked upon much more favourably by the markers – it could mean the difference between obtaining that all-important place or not! The worth of excellent sight-reading cannot be stressed enough at this level.


This section of the website contains a series of sight-reading examples of the level that applicants could expect to receive in their College Entrance Auditions – do keep checking back for more as the sight-reading central website is being added to continuously. Written for xylophone, snare drum or 3 timpani, the music will require proficiency in both technique and musicality – skills that every applicant should possess.


The ‘benchmark’ has just been set!