Music College Repertoire

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Music College Entrance Level Audition Snare Drum Piece
Three Music College Snare Drum Technical Studies


Music College Entrance Audition Level Snare Drum Piece

This Snare Drum piece has been approved as suitable for entrance audition for the Royal College of Music, and therefore gives any candidate that applies for a place at the RCM a potential choice of repertoire for the Snare Drum.


Music College Snare Drum Technical Studies

Many factors contribute to a successful performance of the studies :

  • Absolute strict tempo.
  • Complete evenness of sound/volume between the two hands.
  • Complete evenness of rhythm between the two hands.
  • Clear and consistent grace notes from either hand.
  • A clear start and finish to each of the short rolls from either hand.
  • Content of the rolls completely smooth and even.
  • Extreme control and awareness of dynamics, regardless of the technical difficulties.
  • Clear, precise accents and showing control of the following notes.